State of Texas Specific Program

This State version addresses all the State Specific laws, regulations and tort laws, which apply to all
employers regardless of their size.

It covers areas in which Texas expands upon certain federal laws and laws specific to employers
in Texas

Compliance Pro State of Texas version provides a complete guide to Texas Employment Laws, Regulation and Texas in layman's terms and includes actual case law sites. This program does not repeat topics that are covered in the Federal program. It is designed to provide employers, with employees in Texas, state specific information and is intended to be used in conjunction with the Compliance Pro Federal Program.

The program includes information concerning the following state specific issues such as:

  • Texas Payday Law
  • New Hire Reporting Law
  • Blacklisting
  • False Light
  • Right To Work and Collective Bargaining
  • Alcohol and Drug Testing
  • Independent Contractors
  • Employees Rights to Information
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Texas Workers' Compensation Act
  • Texas Human Rights Commission
  • Misinterpretation of Benefits and Employment
  • Negligent Hiring
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Garnishment of Wages
  • Texas Non-Subscription to Worker's Compensation and Self Insured under Texas Workers' Compensation
  • Limitations On Work by Retail Employees and more
  • personal liability of key officers and more

A large portion of the law of each state is contatined in court decisions, which interpret the state's common laws. Relevant citations to leading decisions are included to facilitate the research by the company attorneys who are dealing with specific situations.

Retail Price: $869.00