Small Business Version

Compliance Pro Small Business edition is designed for employers with less than fiftenn employees. The North Texas Small Business Development Center is currently utilizing the Federal Version to provide them with an instant resource for their members and highly recommends our programs. The program is written in layman's terms and includes practical guidance. The basis for determining the number of employees for Federal Law is calculated as follows; number of employees on the payroll for twenty calendar workweeks in the preceding calendar year. This includes part time employees, family members on the payroll even though they may not actually work at the company, and those who are in leave. This edition does not contain chapterson the various federal anti-discrimination laws, which are covered in detail in the standard edition of Compliance Pro because these statutes do not apply to smaller companies. Note: If your company does $10,000.00 in business with the Federal Government you are covered by Executive Order 11246, which not only prohibits discrimination but requires affirmative action to end discrimination. The program recommends voluntary compliance dealing with the hiring process and the ADA even though they are not applicable to smaller employters for many reasons which are outlined in the program. Some states have statutes similar to the Federal statutes and apply those statutes to smaller employers.

The Program includes

  • Necessary forms such as pre-employment, post employment
  • HIPPA, COBRA, Harassment, and more
  • an Employee Policies, Health and Safety Manual
  • the Executive ORder 11246
  • Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Age Discrimination
  • hiring process, terminations, pay practices, employment at will
  • common law claims
  • leased and contract employee claims
  • hostile work environment and work place violence

Retail Price: $649.00

For all SBDC Members: $469