Program Overview


Compliance ProTM is more expensive than some of the other HR material that are likewise advertised as providing answers to all employment issues.

Yes, there is other helpful material available at less cost. Compliance ProTM differs from the others in the following ways, which actually makes it the biggest bargain in the HR field today:

  • By virtue of its unique computerized format, it is always up-to-date with no supplements to file or otherwise maintain.

  • The authors have 60 years of combined experience in litigating and advising companies on what works best in handling the same type problems you will be (or are) encountering. This program does not simply parrot the laws or regulations, but sets forth the rules in the authors' own words -- with advice about "common traps" that companies encounter.

  • The authors are frequent speakers at management and HR training seminars and know how to communicate with managers and the practical problems they face.

  • Based on this experience in training managers, they saw the need to develop and include the managers self-training course -- which is also designed as a tool to be used in a training seminar conducted by your HR specialist or attorney.

  • Through the program's strategic management process, it has proven to be a valuable tool for HR in the Total Quality Management (TQM) process by enforcing the importance of a quality mentality throughout the business and its ultimate effect on the bottom line.

  • Forms are included in the appendix which are of great value -- particularly to the smaller company that does not have its own HR specialist.

  • Compliance ProTM can be modified to make it company specific -- that is, your company's forms, policy and procedures manual and your HR departments or attorney's own suggestions on dealing with particular types of problems can be put into the program, by arrangement with Your Employment Risk Solutions, Inc.


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