Recent Statistics from the Department of Labor


Workplace Violence

Approximately 2 Million people were attacked or threatened in the workplace every from 1992 to 1996. (Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BLS) July 1998)

During this same time period, an average of about 300,000 retail employees were victimized annually, and about 84,000 employees were robbed in the workplace.

The estimated annual victimization’s for the years 1992 through 1996 for workplace crimes were as follows:

Simple assaults 1.5 million
Aggravated assaults 396,000
Robberies 84,000
Rapes and sexual assaults 51,000
Homicides 1,000

BLS data showed that homicide was the second leading cause of death in the workplace. Workplace murders accounted for one of every 6 fatal occupational injuries.

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Civil Trial Cases in Nation’s 75 Largest Counties During 1996- Plaintiffs Won 52% of Cases

During 1996 plaintiffs who won their cases were awarded an estimated 3 Billion in compensatory and punitive damages. Just over 2 Billion was awarded in tort cases alone.

Juries awarded 1 Million or more for damages in 14% of employment discrimination cases.

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Civil Rights Complaints Filled in Federal District Courts in 1998

The percentage of Plaintiffs who won their cases and awarded $10 Million or more Increase from 1% in 1990 to 9 % in 1998. The average award for employment cases in 1008 was $137,000

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