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Flagship Federal Program
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American FlagThe Flagship Program for All States, currently utilized by the SBDC as a reference resource to provide sound guidance to their members

Managing a Business today is a like a balancing act of daily operations and risk arising from employment.
Compliance Pro software programs are designed to provide you with a practical guidance tool and instant resource. It includes real life issues, practical tips and risk management techniques which you can put to use immediately.

The Programs spells out, in clear and easy-to-understand language, the steps Companies must implement to pro-actively manage employment practices liability.

Compliance Pro provides forms which are automatically tailored with your Company Name and that document the employment process, from application/hiring through disciplinary actions, occupational injury, and training to resignation/termination or retirement. The program focuses on key legal issues and provides detailed explanations of all applicable laws and regulations which has been written to be
easily understood by your management team. Unlike any other programs currently available, Compliance Pro has been written to address the preventive side of managing the unforeseen risks in the employment arena. It discusses best practices and trends in the legal and regulatory arenas that have a bearing on procedures and defenses utilized by professionals and regulatory bodies, such as the EEOC / OSHA, and includes recent case law. There is guidance and practical tips regarding how to respond to theses agencies and how to evaluate a situation, it's potential value the Plaintiff attorney may place on a case, and determine your liabilities as well. The program's integrity is maintained by automatic updates under an annual subscription.

The Federal Program and Small Business versions contain an Employee Handbook and Health/Safety Guide which includes specific polices and addresses issues such as Workplace Violence and Prevention, eporting Hazardous Conditions, Reporting procedures for any type of Harassment, including the investigation process and recommended actions to be taken to achieve a mutual resolution, Health and Wellness including graphics illustrations for Injury prevention, Ergonomics, Back Injury, and Repetitive Motion.

If you haven't downloaded our free Compliance Pro Federal Program Demo we highly recommend you do so. Once downloaded you can review the entire program contents in the Index as well as some specific issues in their entirety such as, Manager's Personal Liability.







Flagship Federal Program
The Flagship Program for All States, currently utilized by the SBDC as a reference resource to provide sound guidance to their members
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Small Business Version
For companies with less than 15 employees. Highly recommended by the SBDC (Small Business Development Centers)... (more)
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State of Texas Specific Programs
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New Partner Program
We are now pleased to announce our new Partnering Program for with Professional HR and Business Management and Operations Consultants as VARS... (more)
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