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Durwood D. Crawford, Esquire

Mr. Crawford is a graduate of SMU Law School and a partner of Goins, Underkofler, Crawford & Langdon of Dallas, Texas. He has over thirty (30) years of intensive experience in dealing with labor and employment law issues. He has been Board certified in employment law since the initiation of such program by the Texas Bar in 1975. For many years he represented only companies in litigation, collective bargaining, arbitration and EEOC/Human Rights agency proceedings. In more recent years, he has represented both individual employee, as well as companies, in all types of employment disputes in federal and state courts and before various agencies. He presently maintains an active trial practice, but prefers counseling with clients to avoid litigation. His practical comments in the text reflect his lengthy experience as seen from both sides of employment disputes.
Mr. Crawford is a frequent speaker at workshops and seminars for managers and human resource specialists. In these he has used four (4) training films and programs that he created. He has had employment-related articles published in the Texas Bar Journal and in publications of Practicing Law Institute, Prentiss-Hall, etc. He has lectured at programs presented to lawyers by the Texas State Bar and has testified as an expert witness on employment law matters.

In Compliance Pro, he has attempted to focus on and explain (in easily understood terms) those areas that typically create employment practices problems and exposures for managers and their companies - with the purpose of not only avoiding liability, but also maintaining a loyal and productive workforce.

John T. (Tommy) Sautter, CPCU, ARM

Mr. Sautter holds national certification as a Charter Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), Associate in Risk Management (ARM), and has over twenty-five years experience in dealing with labor and employment issues, corporate and industrial risk management, and insurance matters.
He is the President of Sautter & Sautter, Inc., an employment, occupational injury and health-related risk management consulting firm, and Chairman of the Board of Health Care Employment Specialists, Inc., a publisher of risk management, safety, and health/wellness materials.

Mr. Sautter is a frequent speaker at workshops and seminars for managers and human resource specialists, and has lectured at programs presented to lawyers. He has numerous published articles including: HIV, The Workplace and The Need For Education; Every Accident is Preventable; Expanding Managed Care; Catastrophe Planning-10 Tips for Abatement of Workplace Hazards; The Potentially Violent Employee; Direct and Indirect Costs of Workplace Violence; and Create Your Organization’s Own A-Z Workplace Violence Prevention Program and has presented many of his own seminars on these and related subjects.

He authored the Preventive Risk Management Program*, a practical compilation and explanation of the pro-active management techniques involving anticipating situations or factors in daily operations, which may lead to injuries or conflicts, and eliminating them in a systematic and cost effective manner. In Compliance Pro, he has attempted to focus on and explain employee health and safety issues which typically create problems and exposures for managers and their companies.





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