PRESS RELEASE: November 4, 1997
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For Immediate Release, November 4, 1997


Your Employment Risk Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of their Independent Banker's Federal Employment & Labor Law Software Program on the Community Banker's Bookshelf, offered through IBAT Services, a subsidiary of the Independent Banker's Association of Texas.

Dallas, Texas-November 4, 1997:

The Employment & Labor Law software program by Your Employment Risk Solutions, Inc. has been included as a new product in the Community Banker's Bookshelf. The Bookshelf is part of the IBAT Services endorsed programs for Texas bankers. IBAT Services has 700 community bank members representing $76 billion in assets.

When confronted with a particularly tough human resource problem, Compliance ProTM turns the computer into a personal research assistant. Compliance ProTM assists an employer with employment-related issues from A to Z in the shortest amount of time and provides a valuable tool for HR in the Total Quality Management (TQM) process by enforcing the importance of a quality mentality throughout the organization and its ultimate effect on the bottom line. The Program references and aids employer compliance with Federal Employment laws, OSHA, The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and other social-legal obligations (Civil Rights Act of 1991, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, etc.) and includes a Manager's Employment Law Self-Training course for TQM purposes. Potential lawsuits involving discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation and detrimental reliance present the employer with major loss exposures. These obligations are compounded by the statutory causes of action provided under workers' compensation laws, e.g. retaliatory discharge and discrimination.

Available at your fingertips are the Federal Employment, Labor Laws and Regulations interpreted in a very comprehensive and easily understood manner to assist owners, executive management, human resource managers, and first line managers in making difficult employment decisions. It is the only employment management software program available that is user friendly, comprehensively written, and links together all the Federal Employment, Labor Laws and Regulations including explanations, practical tips. Compliance ProTM provides all the necessary forms, (automatically tailored with the company name), as well as an Employee Policy Manual with policies which assist in documenting and providing a basis for disciplinary actions and defending the company's position. This edition of Compliance ProTM is specifically written to address policies and procedures appropriate for financial institutions and includes approved security programs, and Affirmative Action programs.

The Program is based on the minimum standards an employer needs to pro-actively posture the business should employment-related claims or litigation arise. The Program begins with the hiring process, including how to write a want ad, employment applications, interviewing and hiring, to resignation or termination. Safety Policies current under OSHA mandates and Policies, which meet the most recent ADA regulations, are also included. Additionally, the Program contains graphic illustrations on proper body mechanics, lifting techniques, ergonomics, health and wellness.

The authors include a highly skilled (Board Certified) Employment And Labor Law Trial Attorney, an Arbitrator on the American Arbitration Associations Employment Panel, (with a major Law Firm in Dallas); a very knowledgeable, seasoned Employment and Occupation Injury Risk Manager, (Who's Who In Executives and Professionals), ARM, CPCU, (National Certification in Risk Management), who has consulted to very large companies over the past 20 years; and a specialist in Bank Security and Investigation. The Program is based upon a belief that an ounce of prevention is worth pounds of cure and respectively in employment a prophylactic (preventive), pro-active management style can reduce an employer's liability exposures as well as potential legal costs arising from litigation.

There is never going to be a Program out there that will prevent employment law suits from occurring, but this Program arms employers with an education and appreciation of the potential exposures, and the Program's tools aid in the protection of the business.